8 Stylish Vegan Handbags for Women Over 20+

More than anything else, designers and brands are debuting sleek and striking designs – they’re eco-friendly too. If you are looking for deadstock textiles, recycled fibers, and stylish vegan handbags, this article will suggest the best for you.

However, in the early era, the leather options were almost exclusive due to the plastic-based materials (PVC and polyurethane), which can have adverse environmental effects. Today’s leather options are way smarter and better. Sustainable material innovation is persistently used in the fashion space, many vegan handbags are in women’s fashion.

When purchasing a vegan leather handbag, don’t rush, as sometimes we misunderstand. There are some natural materials or faux leather for no less than well-made vegan handbags. Some most adorable bags of the season, like aughts-inspired shoulder bags, city-to-beach carryalls, and woven handheld clutches are showstoppers. To outline more options, buzzy brands like Brandon Blackwood to Stand Studio, Yuzefi, and JW Pei, are also available. Discover the vibrant colors, unique trims, and bold details of quilting and polished hardware.

Is Vegan Leather harms the environment?

Vegan Leather is a material that looks exactly like leather, though the only difference is that it does not have an animal origin. There’s a dark secret to Vegan Leather which is far from sustainable. Vegan leather may seem natural and ethical, yet most vegan leather products. It will be perfect to say that Vegan Leather is not sustainable. There’re also brands using innovative plant or fruit-based alternatives like coconut fibers, cork, fruit waste, recycled plastic, and pineapple leaves to create vegan bags and other accessories.

There’s a range of impeccable designs to unique bags for weekends and any occasion. Keep scrolling to discover these stylish vegan handbag brands for women.

People –

1 People is a Danish-designed lifestyle and lavishing brand showing a blend of Scandinavian color palettes and minimalist design, which creates an effortlessly elegant look for conscious-minded people. They make handbags of vegan Pinatex that are comfortable to wear and carry anywhere.

Gunas –

The famous American designer is 100% vegan and animal-friendly handbags. Mulbtex is the brand’s key ingredient and a perfect alternative to animal leather and plastic. It is made with mulberry leaf pulp and a cotton base coat having a silky shine.

Elvis & Kresse –

Elvis & Kresse upgrades all the remaining materials to sustainable luxury lifestyle accessories. All are ethically handmade, and 50% of the profits are for charity. One cannot get enough of this bold-colored bag made with a decommissioned fire hose!

Sans Beast –

An Australian brand of accessories, Sans Beast creates luxury vegan handbags and accessories using Vegan Eco PU with a Faux croco embossed finish. With plenty of pockets and luxe lining, it comes in four colors, the perfect finish for a timeless look.

Mashu –

Handcrafted in Greece and designed in London, Mashu is in the Iris peach mini vegan handbag to carry in style with the best Women’s Trousers and tops. This perfectly sized handbag holds space for a cell phone, wallet, and a few beauty essentials.

Culthread –

Culthreat is a UK-based clothing label that offers stylish, practical, and everlasting jackets and accessories from vegan and deadstock material. These are made of quality coats and lifestyle products that you will surely want to wear and trousers forever.


NOAH is a 100% pure vegan, German-based brand that has high-quality and long-lasting products hand-crafted in Italy. All the products are made of a small proportion of eco-friendly materials. One would love this small vegan shoulder bag with a simple design and pure elegance.

A_C –

With the commitment to purity, A_C’s design principles are based on a circular economy, producing, contemporary but timeless accessories. It uses an amazing eco-fabric, cactus leather AKA Desserto Pelle to craft a stunning handbag. Its entire product range is vegan and eco-friendly materials, limiting the number of chemicals, water, and wastewater.

Conclusion –

So, what’s your pick: the real leather or Vega (PU/Plant Based)? Style in exclusive outfits with the right vegan handbag for women. These brands craft the best plant-based leathers made of cactus, corn, pineapple, apples, and mushrooms, which makes the products biodegradable and recycled.