lip filler swelling stages

An Analysis of Lip Filler Swelling Stages

Lip fillers are one of the most famous dermal fillers; they increase the volume of the lips, so they look beautiful. Lip fillers are made of synthetic hyaluronic acid, which is also produced naturally in our bodies. Many companies have launched their  lip fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, and Perlane. With increasing age, some people lose the natural shape of their lips, but they want to look attractive; in this case, they opt for this solution.

After getting lip filler, you may feel different levels of swelling, bruising, and redness you are left with. After having lip filler surgery, people wonder how lip filler swelling stages last. The Lip filler healing process is a little bit complicated, and we have to be very careful; otherwise, sometimes, people who do not care have to face severe consequences.

Who gets Lip Fillers?

As I mentioned, some people lose their ideal shape due to aging; some want to vanish their lips’ wrinkles. Here we will share some other reasons for lip filler surgery.

Restoring a previous lip size:

Sometimes your lips may get smaller or thinner with age which lowers your self-esteem and confidence; most people go for lip filler surgery to restore their lip size.

Correcting the shape of your lips:

Sometimes with age, you also lose the perfect shape of lips, becoming asymmetrical; some people want to solve this problem through lip fillers.

Smoothing wrinkles:

Some people naturally have wrinkles on their lips and want a flat and attractive lip, so they opt for lip filler injections or surgeries.

Boosting confidence:

You will be surprised to know that some people want lip surgery because they feel discomfort with their present lips, so they want to have lip fillers to increase their self-esteem and body image.

Lip filler swelling stages after getting treatment

It would be best to familiarize yourself with lip injection swelling stages, swelling, bruising, or redness as some expected side effects of lip filler injections. On the other hand, with proper care, we can avoid these complications, and in this way the healing process automatically works very fast.

First day of lip filler treatment

As soon as you get lip surgery, you will feel swelling on your lips which is not a thing to worry about because it is impossible to assess until the inflammation has been cured after the surgery; if you feel something that makes you uncomfortable, you should visit a doctor.

One day after treatment:

The first morning after treatment is the tense and most tough time because usually, clients feel bad due to bruising of the lips. The upper lip will look considerably bigger than the lower lips due to lip filler treatment, but they can be tailored according to your requirements. During this time, people are highly anxious due to inflammation and the large size of their lips, but they should keep in mind that as time passes, things will get better automatically.

Patients sometimes also feel issues in drinking or eating but always keep in mind this all is temporary; tenderness, discomfort and pain are expected at this phase.

2nd day after treatment:

On lip filler swelling day two, inflammation is expected because it starts after 24 hours, and sometimes in different patients, it increases, and in some patients, it decreases with time; in the next few days, you will feel bruising and inflammation goes away.

Most of the time, I think after one week the patient feels very comfortable; all the inflammation, bumps, and bruises vanish automatically, and things start to get better.

One week after treatment:

After seven days or one week, the patient’s swelling disappears, and his lips size also lessens. This is when a patient has to look at the outcome of the surgery. Most of the time, lip filler swelling lasts 14 days; if it extends, please visit your doctor immediately.

One month after treatment:

After four weeks or one month the patient recovered from the surgery; now, he has symmetrical lips, which look attractive; if there is a need for the correction, you have to wait for this period and visit your medical charge.

Why does inflammation occur after lip filler swelling surgery?

 When swells or bruises, a lip can be seen more prominent than anywhere on the face; that is why it is problematic for most people. Still, we have to understand that inflammation is normal after getting any surgery. Swelling or inflammation is common after getting lip filler treatment or injectable; this occurs due to soft tissue fillers. This popular non-invasive injectable is used for collagen stimulation and putting volume to select parts. This is very safe, but injectables somehow cause swelling; however, you do not need to have a fret because it is normal. If you feel swelling after one or two months of getting treatment, then meeting with a doctor is the best choice.