Chinos khaki pants

Chinos Khaki Pants | Choosing the Right Pair of Pants| Styling Tips

You can pair chinos with most of your existing closet items – they’re the perfect alternative to jeans. Chinos khaki pants are a great option to diversify your wardrobe. A khaki chino is a pair of chino pants that are tan (khaki) in color.

These pants come in a variety of colors, cotton blends, and synthetic fabrics, and are available in straight and different styles. You can wear chinos in a thousand different ways thanks to their versatility. . In addition, chinos make dressing quick and easy. Wearing them means getting dressed effortlessly.

3 Of the Best Colors For Chinos

These colors work best with chinos are:

  • A khaki (or tan) color
  • The navy
  • olive

Making Khaki Chinos Yours

Once you’ve chosen the right fit chinos, you should next consider the material and color. Commonly, people refer to khakis as khaki chinos. Whether wearing them casually or formally, they are versatile.

Khaki chinos are common attire for most men. These bottoms would be best suited for those who like leather loafers, navy or white colors, and even neutrals.

Styling Tips For Chinos Khaki Pants:

  • If you plan to keep them for a long time, opt for flat-front pants instead of khakis with pleats. However, if you want to keep up with the trend, go with pleated khakis. 
  • Pima cotton T-shirts are light, comfortable, and breathable. They create a pleasing visual appearance.
  • Put on nice chinos with a basic tee and bright trainers for a street-style casual look. Alternatively, chinos also complement sweatshirts in gray marl or plain white.
  • Whenever you wear chinos and a dress shirt, tuck the shirt in.
  • Chinos look great with cool sneakers and Oxford cloth button-down shirts.
  • If you prefer to wear shoes instead of sneakers, loafers or brogues will help in elevating the looks of chinos. 
  • Further, winter hues include turquoise, forest green, brown, grey, burgundy, etc. 
  • Leaving the jacket unbuttoned also creates a more appealing look.

Creating A Look Appropriate For the Office:

If you intend to wear a belt, you should pick one that matches your shoes. So, choose the color scheme for the clothing such as a maroon braided belt with brown suede chukka boots. Transform your henley into a button-down and your sneakers into brogues. Along with it, put on a mesh metal watch and a knit tie next.

Chinos With Sports Jacket

Adding some elements like a tie, belt, or matching dress shoes can layer your look. Choosing this style goes for all great occasions e.g. parties, work events, and weddings.

During the rainy season, wearing a trench coat with chinos is a good option. With an enhanced look, the jacket also keeps you dry and warm during harsh weather. Any warm footwear will do.

Chinos And A Shirt

Chinos khaki pants look smart with a linen shirt or classic button-down long-sleeve shirt. Wear a plait stretch belt or stitch leather belt with dress shoes to complete the look. 

Do Chinos Go Well With T-Shirts? 

Some Classic looks never go wrong, such as the black shirt and trousers combination, or navy blue chinos with a white t-shirt. The classic t-shirt and classic pair of chinos are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. The combination gives you an uber-casual look. Fusions like white t-shirts, navy bombers, Pima cotton t-shirts, and gray chinos never go out of style. Fitted chinos also help you look more attractive. Remember to Keep your slim-fit chinos rolled up to show off your new kicks in style.

How To Care For Your Chinos Pants?

These three tips will keep your chino pants looking great:

  1. Put them in cold water and wash them gently. 
  2. Do not use bleach or fabric softener on your clothes. 
  3. You should dry your pants in the shade or on low heat by hanging them up.

Closing Words:

Chinos khaki pants consistently rank among the most popular pants on the market. Making an investment in high-quality chinos will save you time and money in the long run.

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