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A Complete Guide of shackledcraft IP and his all the Features:

ShackledCraft is a prison-themed Minecraft server that invests wholeheartedly in an exceptionally negligible, no-cost, win-win adaptation framework. Each of the assets (the actual server count, mods and modules, and surprisingly, the site) is allowed to be used. It only generates revenue through gifts, and they never sell our servers or namespaces. The Shackledcraft IP server is currently facilitated in the United States and has a special connection. Ideal for anyone needing to play a no-nonsense prison game with different players. It’s been billed as one of the most mind-blowing Minecraft servers on the web and currently has north of 1,000 players online at some random time.

What is ShackledCraft IP:

The ShackledCraft IP server IP address is This IP address is claimed and operated by Shackled, LLC. When the association with the server ends, you will be signed in and placed in the correct jail cell as a result. If you want a Minecraft server that offers exceptional dungeon crawling, look no further than ShackledCraft.


  • Owner: ShackledCraft
  • IP:
  • Website:
  • Players: 0/0
  • Version: 1.8.8
  • Rank: 21691
  • Country: Canada

ShackledCraft IP Featured:

The basic features of Shackled Craft Server include:

  • A modern jail framework with varying degrees of security to suit your needs
  • Different types of prison cells to browse, including solitary confinement and prison cells; from there, the sky’s the limit
  • Ability to set your standards and guidelines for inmates
  • A powerful economy allows you to exchange labor and products within prison walls.
  • A lush tropical climate provides an extra layer of immersion in the game.
  • Agreeable and accommodating administrators who are usually there to take care of you.
  • A thriving local area is constantly looking for new players to jump in and have a good time.

Games Featured:

Notwithstanding the standard vanilla game mode, it offers a few different game modes that add an additional layer of drenching and enjoyment to the game.

These include:

  • JailBreak A detainee’s revolt has broken out, and you should assist with reestablishing requests to the jail by rebuffing the individuals who have challenged power.
  • Escape You are essential for a group of detainees who have been subtly arranging a departure from the prison. Could you at any point thwart their arrangement before it’s past the point of no return?
  • Fight Royale is a definitive standoff! Striking against rivals poses a challenge for command over the jail. Who will be a definitive victor?
  • Player versus Player In ShackledCraft Forums
  • Notwithstanding the standard game mode, it likewise offers PvP interactivity as Battle Royale and Escapes. This permits you to fight against rival players online in a competition to be a definitive victor.

ShackledCraft Rules:

  • Kindly keep the accompanying principles while playing on ShackledCraft: No preparation or vindictive way of behaving
  • Try not to assault, hurt, or disturb different players
  • Utilize sound judgement while investigating – don’t go into a shut or perilous regions
  • Try not to utilize inordinate language or revolting motions
  • Regarding the game climate and property

Maximum Players:

ShackledCraft right currently maintains a constraint of 50 players. We expect to fabricate this limit in the future as we continue to create and deal with our server. Moreover, you can similarly make your private server on ShackledCraft. This allows you to control your server’s settings and components, making it ideal for altering your specific requirements.

Why ShackledCraft Matters:

It is an unpaid server. It is allowed to play for all players, and there are no advertisements or in-game buys. Some justifications are why players pick ShackledCraft as their go-to jail Minecraft server. The game mode choice, most importantly, is amazingly extensive, offering something for everybody. Second, the local area on this server is very agreeable and inviting, making it simple to track down companions, jump in, and let loose. Lastly, the general nature of interactivity is outstanding – there will never have been a dull second on ShackledCraft. A no problem at all server offers incredible ongoing interaction quality and submersion. Our staff is generally accessible to assist, assuming you experience any issues or issues while playing the game.


The ShackledCraft Forums are a perfect spot, but remember that the server’s standards also apply there. Numerous people are ready to help you; assuming you have any inquiries on how things work or what’s permitted in the discussions, go ahead and inquire. Much obliged to you for pursuing this aid, and we trust that it has assisted you with seeing a portion of the vital elements of ShackledCraft IP. Assuming you have any inquiries or issues that poor people have been covered here, kindly make sure to us. By reading this article, you will know completely about this game. We are talking about all the features which you are thinking about.