Creating Website For Free

With prices going through the roof for so many things, it is good to know how to keep some expenses as low as you can. Especially something like a website, that can cost thousands of dollars, it is good to know how to be creating website for free.

If you are looking to be creating website for free, then you might be best getting a website or blog that can be put on Google’s Blogger account or a account. There are restrictions of what you can or cannot do when creating website for free, but on the upside, you can do it without cost.

Want your own website

If you want your own website, then you must be Website erstellen lassen  prepared to pay for at least a few things. The main ones that no one can get around paying for is the domain name and web hosting. Think of them like the street address of your house and the property taxes on the house. Unless you own your own servers at your house, you can’t get around a web host. And if you do have your own servers, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article.

So those two things will cost about $100 per year, which isn’t very expensive.

The next thing is having someone set up WordPress CMS Website erstellen lassen on your website. The good thing is that WordPress is free. This is different from the one I mentioned before in that it isn’t, which is mostly blogs, but this is which gives you the software to run your website for free, because it is open source.

If you can find someone to set up a WordPress account for you, for a small fee, then you can be up and running within a few hours. And although it isn’t free, you can’t get value for nothing.