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Doors With Timber Panels

Timber door sashes can be further subcategorized into the category of timber panel doors. Our house is distinguished by its wooden doors, windows, and other exterior features. That it doesn’t look out of place, they should match the building’s aesthetic character in terms of colour and design. The sash may be painted to match the walls or to provide visual contrast. Attempts to harmonise with the roof’s aesthetic are unimpeded. How does a door with wooden panels work? Which types of rooms would benefit from having them?

Framed doors made of timber panels

Interior and exterior doors can both benefit from panel door construction. A frame and a panel make up the components of this type of building. Such items see widespread use in dwellings and workplaces. The presence of a panel in the door’s construction is what gives panel doors their name. The panels give the designed door sashes a one-of-a-kind and sophisticated look.

All UPVC doors with a wooden panel in their construction share common features. The solid wood frame is the foundation. The panel is secured by inserting its edges into special grooves on the inside of the frame. Due to the reinforcement it provides, the fixing of the door leaves requires special attention. Decorative grooves or extra mouldings are used to secure panel doors in some models.

The quality, lifespan, and cost of timber panel doors are all determined by the quality and cost of their constituent materials. In general, oak, pine, and meranti are used to construct doors out of timber. They are a long-lasting option that guarantees high quality, and while they may vary in colour or hardness, for example, they are available.

Where can I install doors with wooden panels?

Depending on the style, timber panel doors can serve as both exterior (front) and interior (room) doors. Manufacturers of interior doors typically employ relatively lightweight materials, such as timber plywood or thin MDF, to create the structure. Manufacturers of exterior panel doors made of timber pay close attention to details like thermal and acoustic insulation to create products that last for decades. Panel doors made of wood can withstand the elements and significant mechanical stress. External timber doors are our specialty at Aikon Distribution.

Various Color Options for Wooden Panel Doors

Timber panel doors can be finished in a variety of colours while still maintaining the wood’s natural grain pattern by using varnishes. Opacifying paints can also be used to conceal the wood. We stock a wide variety of RAL paint colours and can match them to the customer’s specifications when ordering wood windows and doors.

How do you maintain a door with wood panels?

If taken care of, every door can last for decades while remaining in pristine condition. The secret to the product’s success is regular cleaning, maintenance, and special care. Need to decide on a front door for your home or apartment, and prefer wood? Don’t be shy about asking our expert for help!