Dry Cleaning Services: An Easy Way To Get The Load Of Doing Laundry Off Your Shoulder

Usually, clothes and other fabric-like materials are washed with the help of water and cleaning detergents, but in the case of dry cleaning, water isn’t needed. The cleaning procedure of dry cleaning may sound a bit strange but it efficiently cleans any and all dirty clothes and thus is an effective way of cleaning.

In the process of dry cleaning, organic solvents are used to clean garments. These solvents have the ability to remove any kind of stain without causing any damage to delicate fabrics like silk, wool, and velvet. Dry cleaning is a process that needs proper training and equipment and should be only done by professionals.

Most of the dry cleaners in NYC have years of hands-on experience, which helps them dry clean your clothes in the most efficient way without costing you a lot of money. So you can easily take a leave from the stress of laundry by availing of the services of experienced dry cleaners.

Reasons Why You Need Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services In Your Life

Well, there is a huge list of ways in which a dry cleaning service may help you in your daily life. Some of the reasons why you should opt for a dry cleaning service are listed below.

  • Increases the life span of your delicate clothes – Home cleaning or laundry washes often end up decreasing the time span of your delicate and expensive clothes, or worse they permanently destroy them. Dry cleaning is the best way to keep your delicate items looking as good as new throughout the years. Dry cleaning is definitely more expensive than washing your clothes at home but it will definitely save you a lot of money that you otherwise have to spend in replacing those expensive delicate items.
  • Saves you a lot of time – According to popular belief every minute is precious and doing laundry definitely takes up a lot of those minutes, which can be otherwise used in doing other important tasks in a day. Dry cleaning your clothes through professional dry cleaning services can help you save a ton of time and this way you can increase your productivity by doing something more important. There are dry cleaners in NYC who go to the extent of even picking up and dropping off your clothes for you. That way, you won’t even have to worry about missing your laundry pick-up.
  • Removal of stains and odors – Sometimes it becomes hard to use any cloth because of some stubborn stain or odor, and all that an individual can do is throw away their favorite clothing item. So next time before you toss out your favorite top you can seek the assistance of a dry cleaner, 9 out of 10 times they are able to remove that stubborn stain or odor through their expert knowledge.
  • Keeps your clothes protected from pests – Pests are one of the biggest enemies of clothes as they can permanently damage a cloth within no time. Professional dry cleaners know the ways in which an individual can protect their clothes from moths and other pests. Many dry cleaners in NYC offer the services of mothproofing that help an individual in protecting their clothing and other items before they put them into storage. Though these services are a bit expensive, they are extremely effective and they also don’t leave any unpleasant smells after the process.

The Complete Working Process Of Dry Cleaning

There are different processes that fall under dry cleaning, the complete process is given below.

  • Properly tagging garments – In the first step, all items are properly tagged with unique numbers after they are taken to the dry cleaning center. This helps in properly tracking each and individual item during and after the dry cleaning process.
  • Proper inspections and pre-treatment of stains – All items are properly inspected for understanding the problems related to the items. Next special chemicals are used for the process of pre-treatment of stains. In this step, any kind of embellishments or buttons is covered with the help of soft cloths, in order to protect them from potential damage during the process.
  • Putting all items into the machine – All the soiled clothing items are placed in a dry cleaning machine then an organic solvent is pumped into the machine during all this the clothing is moved at a gentle pace. The dry cleaning machines are much larger than the washing machines, but their working mechanism is the same, both work with the same basic spinning function.
  • Re-inspection – When the whole process of the dry cleaning is completed, the items are inspected for the second time to make sure all the stubborn stains have been properly removed from the items. All the buttons, embellishments, and seams are properly checked to make sure they did not get damaged during the whole process.
  • Finishing procedures – In the last step the dry cleaners in NYC will properly press, iron, or steam each and every item to get rid of wrinkles. All garments are given a final inspection before being covered in plastic and returned to their owner.

Key Takeaways

The services provided by dry cleaning services are extremely helpful for individuals with busy lives. An individual can easily save a lot of time by getting their clothing items professionally cleaned through these services. They also help in removing stubborn stains and increasing the lifespan of expensive delicate clothing items.

Photo by Adrienne Andersen