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How does the best nursery school help build a better base for primary education

The first stages of education play an important role in building the kids’ base for the future and preparing them for the upcoming battles of personal and professional life.

Earlier, kids weren’t starting school until the first grade or until they were six years old. But now, the time has changed. At this competitive age, it has become normal to start schooling at an earlier age of 2.5 or 3 years with the nursery school and the playgroup.

If the kids have a strong foundation from the playschool or the nursery level, it will ensure that they will have good knowledge about the world and are more prepared to take on new academic challenges in the higher grades.

Important benefits of studying at a nursery school in the best Abu Dhabi school 

1: Develops social and emotional skills in nursery school

We can say that sometimes kids don’t get to interact with many people outside of their family members during the first few years, especially if you are an expat living away from home. It can limit their conversation and impair their social and emotional skills development to a certain extent.

Being in the playground of a nursery school, they will meet kids their age and become friends with them. There, they will learn about friendship, sharing, and conversing with each other. They will bond and develop social and emotional skills.

They socialise and meet new kids as they transition into new classes every year. As a result, they will not hesitate to approach new classmates and make friends. 

2: Teaches kids about time management

Back in the day, nursery kids could do any activity they wanted. But in today’s times, nursery school kids learn how to manage time smartly between their lunchtime, break time, and playtime. A particular time is allotted for these activities in the school. Because of this, kids start learning the importance of time management. 

For example, they will have to complete the lunch at the exact time of the lunch break, and make time for other activities. Even when they are not in school, they can utilise this advantage and ensure discipline at home, at tuition, and in their playtime.

This time management habit has helped many legends achieve their goals. We can assure you that it will help the kids achieve their goals too. 

3: Creates a learning habit

The mind of 2–3-year kids is fresh and has no limits like adults. Their doubts get answered in the best abu dhabi school. This helps them expand their knowledge and gain more information every day.

4: Assists in identifying skills

When the kids come into the preschool, they open up to a wide range of opportunities while playing or taking part in extracurricular activities, which helps to identify what activity they like to do more. They show interest in those activities at which they are good.

Seeing these skills, we can identify their natural skills and what we should do to improve them. If they are good in maths, they can join maths club during their primary years or if they are very interested in drawing, they can take up art classes after school so that they can pursue their strengths and become a good artist.

5: Helps in physical growth

Physical exercise is part of the curriculum in preschools. While in a nursery school, kids play different sports and participate in various activities. Physical activities help the kids grow and create interest in these sports.

Playing sports will make your kid active and fresh throughout the day. It also promotes their leadership quality by teaching them the value of teamwork and coordination.

6: Become ready in the best abu dhabi school

Experts have suggested that the initial day of learning makes a big impact on the kid. In general terms, it prepares these kids for primary and secondary school. If the kid is directly going to the primary without attending preschool, they will not be able to gather up with all the students around them.

The kid will not develop enough social skills to mix with the class. Their weak learning skills might limit their ability to absorb knowledge, only because they didn’t attend preschool at an early age.

These schools ensure that the kid is prepared and confident for the next school phase. The kid becomes able to concentrate on studies in preschool. The skills acquired at the preschool will help the kid to move forward in future school life.  

7: On-time completion of schooling

When a kid completes preschool, the one advantage they have is that they complete the schooling earlier than the other fellow kids, which helps them focus on their key interest area.

When they spend more time doing the activities they like the most, they tend to improve daily. This can in turn, become a career goal or profession.

8: Helps to become independent

In preschool, kids become more aware of their responsibilities and try to ensure they fulfil them. Making sure about their compass box, doing their homework, taking care of their tiffin box, and, most importantly, always keeping their bag safe. They learn these things in preschool, so it becomes easy for them to adapt to the school culture when they enter primary school.

Kids in preschool come out of their comfort zone. They become eligible to adapt to new things around them, which is new for them. They overcome the anxiety of the separation of family members and become confident about going to school alone.

To wrap up

Kids in preschool learn about their responsibilities to fulfill. They become independent enough to take care of themselves. It helps to identify their inborn skills and nurture them.

Kids learn to socialize and have a conversation with other students and teachers. It prepares the kids for future studies, such as primary and higher school. They can adapt to the rules and the culture of the school easily.

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