How to Install a Bathroom Faucet

Giving your bathroom a makeover is as easy as changing your commercial sink faucet.


these are the steps, but don’t forget to turn off the water and remove everything. So it’s lots of unscrewing, removing bolts, lifting things from their holes, etc. This is a complex process, but if you get lost, just figure out how to take the tubes, pipes, and hardware out of the sink. Once again, unscrew, unscrew, unscrew.

Step 1: To release pressure, turn the handles (like you’re turning on the water, but there won’t be any water coming out) after turning off the water valves.

Step 2: Remove pipes from both drains by unscrewing them.

Step 3: The drain connector (that closes the drain) needs to be removed.

Step 4: To remove the drain from the sink, use a channel lock or large wrench. Pull down the black seal.

Step 5: You’ll have to unscrew and pull down the curved plastic piece to remove the upper white pipe from the metal pipe. You’ll have to pull off the hanging white pipe. Be careful!

Step 6: In the bottom of the sink (where your spit goes), stand up and remove the inside of the drain.

Step 7: Once you get back under the sink, push up on the tube connecting to the spit hole. Unscrew the spit hole blocker. The entire bottom part should be loose enough to pull out.

Step 8: You should remove all four connecting tubes. Two are connected to the water turn ons. Two look like Fallopian tubes (yours may just be regular pipes). 

Step 9: Water will dribble out! Have a towel on hand, and remember that the water is turned off! Under your sink, squeeze your head as far as the cold and hot handles are. You may have bolts or screws attaching them to the sink. Unscrew them to remove them. I had to loosen the bolt at the top by unscrewing small screws (with a small screwdriver).

Step 10: Remove the circular screwed-in pieces, stand up, and lift the handles up and out of the sink top.

Step 11: Let’s begin by removing the actual faucet/water spout. Unscrew it from underneath. Remove the bolt. It’s loose! Stand up and lift the faucet out.

Congratulations!! You’ve gotten halfway there now. You can’t go back.

As a reminder, here is what you should be working on:


Step 1: You need to screw the long tube into the longest hole on the hot and cold knobs. Don’t do the shorter pipes yet. This is a trick I learned. Got both long pipes in both knobs? Okay…

Step 2: unscrew the metal piece underneath the knobs. Completely remove it (it will need to be slid off the pipe you just screwed into).

Step 3: The hot and cold knobs, along with the long tubes, need to be placed in their respective holes on the top of the sink.

Ahhhh, it’s already looking great!

Step 4: Get under the sink and put back that metal piece that you just screwed off in step two. Over the long pipe and really tight to hold the knob in place. If you can call a friend or bribe a buddy, now is the time to do it. While you’re screwing under the sink, it’s hard to keep the knobs from moving.

Step 5: Screw the shorter pipes into the shorter hole after you replace the metal piece on both knobs under the sink.

Step 6: Grab the faucet! Unscrew the two metal pieces (and black circle) from the pipe at the bottom. Fit the faucet in the hole on the sink. Crawl back into the pit of despair.

Step 7: Screw both pieces back together. The black washer (circle piece) goes on top, followed by the metal circle. 

Step 8: The piece that resembles a torso with short legs needs to be screwed back on:

Step 9: Connect the shorter tubes to the corresponding sides of the “torso-looking” piece once the faucet is straight.

Step 10: As your arm muscles are throbbing and you are considering murdering your DIY partner, grab the longer tubes and screw them into the water valve you turned off earlier.

Step 11: Get back up. Remove the new drain part from the box. Remove the plastic cap. Leave the white and clear plastic pieces at the top. Remove the bottom pieces.

Step 12: The upper part should be placed in the sink’s hole.

Step 13: Here are the three pieces that need to be attached back to the drain pipe under the sink in this order:

Step 14: you removed the longer bottom pipe In step 10 . Now screw it back in.

Step 15: Make sure the clear piece is still in the correct position as shown in this picture. Grab the plastic piece you removed at the beginning and place it as follows:

Step 16: Take it up the pipe and shove it in. 

Take hold of the bottom part of the tube pictured here: 

The gold pipe should also be placed with it.

Step 17: Connect the curved pipe to the plastic piece by rotating it around and screwing it together. 

The top of the plastic pipe should now be screwed into the top plastic cap.

Step 18: Turn the water valves back on and test it out. Be prepared to tighten some leaky spots. I had to reinstall my drain since

If your online bathroom fixtures is outdated or tacky, or if you are looking for something new and different, you can update it in just a few hours. You can get a shiny, new, and clean faucet in no time. You can even install cool tech, such as lights or touchless faucets (which can help you avoid those nasty flu germs). If you know what you’re doing, installing a sink fixture is pretty painless.