Whatsapp lottery winner

How to Participate in Whatsapp Lottery

Have more selling time every day until before the draw day and can meet the needs of consumers according to the lifestyle of the new generation that brings Whatsapp Lottery. Come to use to facilitate everyday life as well KBC Head Office.

  • How to apply for a Whatsapp Lottery sales agent online lottery
  • Office Open for applications for those who are interest in being a Whatsapp Lottery
  • How to apply for a Whatsapp Lottery sales agent
  • Whatsapp Lottery online through the website Whatsapp Lottery

Whatsapp lottery winner

Candidate Qualifications in Whatsapp Lottery

Must be a small distributor in the central and regional or pre-book buyers who have already verified their identity when the office Qualifications are consider. We will proceed to create a Whatsapp Lottery dealer contract. Initially, a 1-year warranty will be issu with five lottery tickets under this contract only one contract.each will be important into the lottery distribution system through all platforms of the Office to be distribute through the app. wallet and money bag onwards; however, if the deadline for preliminary applications is still not reach, the number of Whatsapp Lottery agents is still insufficient as specified, the Office will consider accepting additional applications from the group of applicants for pre-purchase registration – booking in advance.

The Office went on to say that the Sale of Whatsapp Lottery Tickets via the Platform.

It’s just an increase in distribution channels only. But the form of products sold is still the same as the current lottery that is distribute from person to person; that is, it is a type that does not contribute to the prize money.And is distribute through the dealer system as before by scanning the lottery into the platform system; the original Whatsapp lottery will be keep at the lottery office.To be use as reference evidence in payouts which retains the same original form by using the ticket (authentic) as evidence for receiving the prize money of the winner or by transferring money via online

As for the Advantages of Selling Whatsapp Lottery Tickets

Through the Office’s platform, the Office director said that buyers could buy tickets. There is a convenient and reliable channel. Because it is a secure lottery ticket record, it shows the right in the lottery. Don’t worry if the lottery is lost. Or they are claiming rights in the lottery. It is an increase in the use of technology in daily life, according to the new digital age. And reduce the risk of touching cash and lotteries in a new way. On the part of the seller, more sales channels reduce selling expenses which from the original may be sold on the stall or peddling to be sold on the platform, which does not cost anything. It also increases the opportunity to sell. As the rate of seeing  increases, there will be a greater chance of being picked up for purchase than just being sold on your panel.

Lottery Sales Project Through the Whatsapp Distribution

Platform or this digital lottery is one of the measures that the Office of the Lottery Office uses. Intended to be use to solve the problem of overpric lotteries Along with other measures, such as the Lottery project, which is now open for service, locations in its central region and is expanding to the northeastern region.

It is expect to visit the area to receive opinions in the middle of this year for participating in Whatsapp Lottery

And the eastern part, including the northern and southern areas, it is expect that all regions will be available. With more, both old and new, is currently checking qualifications from relevant agencies and confirming that you are an honest seller. It is expect that it will take some time to process new product launches. Which is a long-term solution to the problem must listen to the opinions of stakeholders and study the social impact of the year. In the first phase, there will be two formats of ideas: The WhatsApp lottery Winner  Main or currently sold. It is expect to visit the area to receive opinions in the middle of this year.

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