Information security services are usually not seen in the same breath as management consulting and are usually assigned to the black hole of the IT department. However, this is a mistake. Used wisely, cybersecurity services can have a tremendous impact on a business and potentially make all the difference to its long-term viability if it becomes a target.

Information security services

It is true that this is a niche area. Information security services are typically the domain of specialized consulting sicherheitsdienst Freiburg firms or a small department within a much larger organization . Computer security is not an area that takes the limelight and cybersecurity services must be sought out. However, the potential benefits for any entrepreneur are immense.

Offers cyber security services

First off, a consulting firm that offers cyber security services has the expertise you need to protect your business from hackers and insider threats. If your business is a small business with very limited revenue, you might think it’s immune to hackers. However, many hackers do not carry out their attacks for financial incentive, but simply for the fun of it. These so-called “script kiddies” often launch opportunistic attacks against any organization with a computer network that happens to have an unguarded port open to the Internet. This is where the information security services offered by a consulting firm can help you protect your computer systems against attacks and improve your incident response and recovery procedures after a successful attack.

However, it is about more than just computer security. Also to consider is the realm of formal procedures and internal standards that govern human, not computer , behavior . Not surprisingly, this is much more difficult to achieve: people rarely consult an algorithm before attempting a routine task. Nonetheless, information security services can lay the foundation for a complete information security management system (ISMS) that includes both the human and technical components and helps to protect the organization at all levels and in all departments.

Cybersecurity services

Aside from the simple hacking scenario, cybersecurity services from a reputable consulting firm can also play a role in formulating a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for your organization. Disaster recovery, or restoring computer workstations and infrastructure, is an absolutely critical part of BCP that can be triggered by either a natural disaster or a premeditated attack. This is another area where expertise and experience can be invaluable as only the very largest organizations have the resources to develop their own in-house expertise in an area that is not used on a daily basis.

In addition, information security services have the potential to save your business a lot of time and money. A well-formulated and adapted ISMS can streamline the processes associated with implementing security controls, monitoring their operations, and reviewing the ongoing needs for each. Instead of constantly fighting fragmented firefights, your CISO can implement the necessary safety precautions in a controlled and rational manner. This can potentially save time and money – not to mention reduce the stress experienced by the CISO.

7 reasons why you should use a security service to protect your customers

If you haven’t already considered using a security service to keep your customers safe, here are 7 reasons why you should consider doing so today.

1. Customers feel safer

Customers will only do business with those they like, know and trust. If they can’t count on coming to your place of business (if they feel unsafe there), then they won’t come. A security guard or armed guards on site can reassure customers that they are safe on any visit.

Customers enter your business with peace of mind knowing a security guard is on site to protect the area.

2. Employees feel safer

In order for your employees to provide top-notch customer service to your customers, they need to feel safe in their work environment. Having a guard on site gives them extra protection, especially in sensitive work situations, so they can feel comfortable at work and do their jobs effectively.

3. Better customer service for your customers

Security guards aren’t just there for looks. You can also be a great customer service representative. They can greet customers, offer information, and direct each customer to the right service or product for their needs. This means that the customers are happier because of the excellent service they received and will get more orders from those customers in the future.

4. Happy customers mean more lifetime customers

If your customers are happy, chances are they’ll be repeat customers. It also means they will rave about your company. This has two advantages for your company:

  • Your happy customers will be regular customers for life
  • Your happy customers become walking advertisers, telling their friends and family to come and do business with you.

5. Security personnel are trained for your specific needs

Some security guards receive basic training, such as surveillance and recalling suspicious details. Others can stop a robbery in progress. Depending on what your needs are , you can have a guard that has training in specific skills or more general training.

6. Security service providers choose the right guard for you

Hiring a security services company will help you find the right guard for your specific security needs. You can also provide sicherheitsdienst Freiburg all the appropriate training and follow -up training to the guard to ensure all your security needs are met. This takes the guesswork out of finding the right guard for your business.

7. Stop attempted theft before it starts

Having armed security guards on site is a very effective way to stop theft or crime before it even starts. Criminals will think twice before attempting a robbery with a trained and highly skilled security guard on the door.