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Is it true that ULTA hair salon is one of the best in the country?

A few years ago, when I first moved to Miami, one of my top goals was finding a good hair salon in the area that wouldn’t break the bank. I did what any respectable millennial would do and looked online before stumbling onto Ulta, a large corporate retail conglomerate that has several hair salons. It turns out that they run a chain of beauty salons. Because of the great bargains available at Ulta Hair Salon over ulta black Friday, I decided to give it a go.

I was concerned at first because I didn’t want to seem like I was getting my hair done at a chain rather than a high-end salon. Since I could only make an appointment on a Sunday—conveniently within Ulta salon hours, but when most other salons are closed—I decided it was worth a risk.


First-time clients usually get a discount of around 20%, at least in my experience. You should probably let your hairdresser know that you’re new to Ulta. If you recommend a friend to the Ulta hair salon and they wind up buying a service, you both get a $15 discount. Keep an eye out for their “happy hours” to save even more on some services.

Join ULTAMATE REWARDS, ULTA’s free customer loyalty program.

Ulta offers a free loyalty program to its consumers called Ulta mate Rewards, where they may accumulate points for free product and service savings. Here’s how it’s done:

  • In order to qualify for Platinum status, you must spend $450 during a single calendar year. That means you’ll rack up points faster (1.25 for every dollar instead of 1) and never have to worry about losing them.
  • Birthday gifts and extra points are given out all month long to all members of Ulta hair salon, not only Platinum members.
  • Every Platinum member gets a $10 birthday discount coupon.
  • Diamond status in Ulta’s reward program was launch in 2018. Spending $1,200 at Ulta Hair Salon in a calendar year can get you Diamond status and all of the advantages that come with it if you have all of your beauty treatments done there and buy all or most of your beauty and hygiene supplies there (including drugstore brands).
  • Diamond members get all the benefits of Platinum membership plus a $25 annual beauty services reward card and free shipping on any orders of $25 or more. Your experience gains are double.


It was reassuring to find well-known products like Redken and Pravana, and even sometimes Living Proof, in stock (for limited-time events and promotions). According to my findings, these are the same high-quality goods use at high-end beauty parlors, where you may pay up to two times as much as you would at Ulta for the same service.


If you have your hair done at the Ulta hair salon once every four to six weeks, you’ll quickly rise through the ranks to Platinum or Diamond member status (depending on the frequency of your visits and the frequency with which you get your hair cut and style).

Now comes the good part:

  • New or replacement hair extensions cost roughly $120, while a touch-up and blow-dry may cost anywhere from $60 to $75. Not included is the gratuity. Ulta hair salon prices are available in full detail before your scheduled appointment if you book it online.
  • As a result of my stylist’s recent “Master Designer Pro” accreditation, I’ll be spending around $15 more each visit than I would with another hairdresser there; the price range seems to determined by the stylist you choose and their apparent degree of ability.
  • But I believe the prices at Ulta’s hair salon are reasonable (especially for my home city of Miami). I’ve been to several salons, and this one has the best prices by far.
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Advantages of using an Ulta credit card, such as price reductions for salon services:

The Ulta credit card offers a plethora of intriguing perks, but this one stands out as the most appealing. All loyalty programs are accept at the Ulta salon, including Ultimate points.

Salon services are not often include in the bonus categories of general-use credit cards. You may rack up a lot of points at Ultra if you spend a lot of money on salon services and also buy hair and beauty products on a regular basis.

To put the Ulta credit card to the test, I did the math on how much money I could save if I switched to just buying my beauty supplies and hair care products from Ulta. I estimate that I spend about $600 a year on hair care products due to the fact that I have my hair cut and colored every 6-8 weeks.

To what end did we succeed? Almost the course of a year, I could collect at least 3,600 points, which could redeemed for over $200 worth of merchandise and services. The overall return would be more than 12% if you include in any bonuses, discounts, or points gained toward the Platinum or Diamond levels. If points could utilized for cosmetic services, the annual cost of a haircut may avoided.


  • Easy to make a reservation.
  • Cooperation that really works.
  • Pleasant and upbeat.
  • To you and your efforts, I send my warmest hopes and prayers.
  • Price reductions! Vacation time with pay.
  • Willing to alter schedules as necessary. Principles that are upbeat and accepting.


  • Not a major issue, but it’s annoying that I have to use a transparent bag and searched every time I go through security for what I presume are anti-theft purposes.
  • Bonus funds are significantly increase in proportion to the level of difficulty.