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It can sometimes feel daunting and overwhelming to save your marriage with two willing partners. But trying to save your marriage when one partner isn’t involve and has said hurtful things can seem impossible. best dating apps for millionaires          A marriage in which both partners have spoken hurtful words can leave a wife with resentment, hurt feelings, and a sense of hopelessness. It can be difficult to know where to begin in a situation like this.

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A wife might say, “I admit that I’ve said some pretty mean things to him while my husband and I have been struggling while going through a separation.” The feeling that I don’t matter to him frustrates me. While he has the luxury of sorting himself out and deciding what he wants, I feel as though I have just been dismis. So, yes, I’ve referred to him as selfish out of frustration. But before we even parted ways, he started being really mean to me. He said, for instance, that when we were dating, I sold him a bill of goods. He state that he was dating a thin and healthy girl who was laid back and funny. However, after we tied the knot, he had a stoic, overly serious, overweight partner.

Acts as though I deliberately fooled him and then changed my personality out of resentment. He is ignorant of the fact that people naturally develop and evolve over time. Once even called me “portly.” Additionally, he stated that he believes that I delight in making him unhappy. These are small hits. However, we must consider the children. Dating.com As a result, I have inquired as to his belief regarding our marriage’s viability. He said he didn’t know, but he thought it would be better for us to just go with the flow right now. He’s pretty cold and distant. Despite this, I would like to keep my marriage for my children’s sake. However, whenever I discuss this with my sister or friends, they both inquire as to why I would want to remain married to a person who has abused me. Their point is well take. Are hurtful words a sign that you are unable to save your marriage or should you not?”


Although I am not a counselor, my nonprofessional opinion is that it varies. It is problematic because it demonstrates a pattern of cruelty or a lack of empathy if your spouse regularly says hurtful things to you, regardless of whether he is angry or you are fighting. Before I make Lovinga a long-term commitment, I’d like to see some changes if he constantly says hurtful things to hurt you without caring about your feelings and the relationship is toxic.

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Having said that, in the midst of a fight or during a separation, it is extremely common for both parties to say some pretty awful things. Emotions can be extremely strong. Both partners have the ability to say things that make them feel extremely embarrassed and remorseful in the future. During my own separation, I am aware that this was the situation. We both directed truly remorseful sentiments toward each other. I wish I could return them, beautywebblog but I am unable to. Your husband might also be feeling this way. It really comes down to whether the hurtful words were said in the heat of the moment or if your husband typically uses verbal abuse or hurtful words. A marriage in which one spouse constantly denigrates the other for the sake of sport is distinct from one in which the couple has a regrettable fight and trades hurtful insults. I would suggest speaking with a counselor or a neutral third party if you are unable to determine which category your marriage falls into. Sometimes, our situation becomes so close to us that we can no longer see it objectively.


I can assure you that it is possible to move beyond hurtful interactions if you decide that your husband’s words were prompt by the circumstance rather than intended to hurt you in any way. My significant other and I were genuinely fierce each other on occasion during our partition. What’s more, I was similarly however liable as he might have been. I was so upset that he was moving out that I deliberately act cruelly in an effort to provoke a response from him. But in the end, I decided to let go of any resentment I might have had over these conversations because I wanted to move on. I made the decision to use the conversations to define the kind of marriage I no longer desired. It’s true that no one ever manages to avoid expressing their spouse’s annoyance at any point in their lives; however, with time and effort, you can improve your marriage to the point where more words are exchange in happiness than rage.


At the point when your marriage is in the groove again and you are feeling cherishing and defensive of your companion once more, such destructive discussions ordinarily don’t surface regularly. When things settle down and you are back on solid ground, you can ask for clarification if the conversations are bothering you. It would be reasonable to inquire as to whether he actually has a problem with your weight or demeanor; however, if you have this conversation when things are better or you have reconciled, I would expect him to claim that he only said those things because he was angry at the time.


To answer the original question, however, you can save your marriage in this situation by determining what your husband intended. When you are confident that these hurtful remarks are not a regular occurrence, you should begin working on yourself first, then on your marriage when the situation improves and you are able to do so. I understand that things appear to be quick and frantic right now, but as time goes on, they tend to settle down and you can communicate more effectively and without hurting each other.