PMP Certification: All You Need To Know!

Want to know why PMP certification in Dubai has emerged as one of the leading management certification courses over the rest? You have come to the right place as this blog will help you learn everything about PMP training – definition, minimum eligibility to apply, preparation, and benefits.

PMP certification course is created by PMI – the world’s leading authority on project management. And the primary aim to design this course is to recognize project managers possessing proven skills in managing projects. Obtaining a PMP course can help you gain project leadership experience and acquire expertise in any way of working.

What Is PMP Certification?

Planning to take up a course on PMP training in Dubai? Let’s find out what a PMP certificate is all about. PMP certification, also referred to as Project Management Professional certification is a designation given to professionals by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

This certification course enlists several requirements that professionals need to meet while applying for it. Even though it is not a mandatory certification, PMP is a globally recognized designation that increases the credibility of a resume. Pursuing a PMP certification course can help you prove your ability and dedication to your profession to a potential or existing employer.

What Are The Minimum Requirements To Apply For PMP Certification?

If you are interested to apply for the PMP certification exam, you should meet one of two sets of requirements:

You must have 35 hours of related education and at least 7,500 hours of project management experience


You must have 4,500 hours of experience in leading projects and 35 hours of training in project management along with a four-year degree in the relevant field.

To begin with the application process, you need to create a login for the PMI website and fill in your personal information as requested. Please note that there is an application fee for both PMI and non-PMI members, although applicants having PMI membership needs to pay a lower cost.

How To Prepare For The PMI Certification Exam?

If you are planning to pursue PMP certification in Dubai, get ready to devote weeks or even months to study in advance of the examination dates. This will help you cover the essential topics of the syllabus. This certification exam is divided into five sections – project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closing. The exam covers a wide range of topics that include code of ethics issues and conflict resolution.

What Are The Advantages Of Taking Up The PMI Certification Exam?

A Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam offers several advantages that are as follows:

  • Universally Recognized: Unlike other certification programs, PMP certification is a globally recognized program that works with every industry and location. So, if you are a newbie in the project management industry, PMP certification can help you gain valuable experience.
  • In Demand: PMP certification has emerged as the most valuable certification program in recent years. Interviewers often tend to prioritize profiles holding PMP certification over non-PMP applicants. Furthermore, several companies are now making it mandatory criteria to have a PMP certificate. This means that you will not be able to apply for certain positions without a PMP certificate.
  • Contributes to Higher Salary: You will be amazed to know that the average salary of project managers across the industry is considerably higher than operation managers or HR consultants in Dubai. Reports state that certified project managers earn almost 20 percent more than non-certified individuals. This trend has been seen all over the world including in Dubai.
  • Teaches Important Skills: PMP certification not only adds value to your resume but also helps you learn important skills to excel in your career. PMP training has high standards in the industry, thus it is not easy to clear the examination without extensive preparation.

These are not the only benefits of PMP certification; there is much more to explore once you enroll in the PMP certification course.

How To Renew PMP Certification?

A PMP certificate is valid for three years from the day you received it. You may maintain or renew it at any time after three years only if you successfully earn 60 professional development units. These development units are nothing but the hours you have spent on accepted professional development activities within the three-year time frame.

Final Words

Hopefully, this blog helped you learn every important thing about PMP certification in Dubai. Now, while some people may consider PMP training as time-consuming and difficult, most hiring experts treat it as an important credential in a resume. There are several online PMP exam prep courses you can take to clear the PMP exam. Just ensure to spend at least two to six months preparing for the exam. Doing so will let you clear the PMP exam successfully. And once you have a PMP certificate, you will be recognized by more HR consultants in Dubai firms.

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