Religious Children’s Books – Silent Books

One of the most difficult tasks parents accomplish is quiet books to keep their children calm and still during church, gatherings, airports or other occasions. Books are a great way to keep kids engaged, but toddlers and very young children with short attention spans may have trouble sitting still for very long, no matter how attractive the images are.


Children learn stories from the scriptures or other gospels

Silent books have a variety of textures, detachable Velcro , and other interactive features that can interest even the most jiggly toddlers. For parents trying to keep their children reverent during church, quiet books on religious subjects are very appealing. Children learn scripture stories or other gospel principles while being entertained.


Parents can create their own quiet books with laminated Velcro file folders or create a felt book with matching pieces of felt. Carrying an envelope or zip-lock bag will help you keep track of the pieces. Quiet books are nice because not only do they help keep kids quiet, they’re quiet to use. The sides and backing tracks are usually soft, so no matter how much it’s played, there’s little jarring noise.


Another type of interactive book includes a story

and an agile character. On each page, the character follows a pattern on the page or moves in and out of holes in the page according to the story. Again, you could create your own. Children love making Handmade Quiet Books in USA and UK by tracing patterns and weaving the characters in and out of the pages.


Whether you buy one or make your own, quiet books are a great resource for parents and great fun for kids.