Botox Danger Zones

A review of Botox injections: what are the Botox Danger Zones?

If you see aging signs on your face weighing you down, you don’t need to worry; keep anti-aging aesthetic medicine in mind. Aesthetic medicine nowadays is a well-accepted field of medicine. It is characterized by minimally invasive techniques by using services of lasers, injectables, and other procedures without surgery or general anesthesia. These aesthetic medicines aim to maintain a natural and healthy appearance. These advanced techniques should only be conducted in the office by certified, experienced, and skilled aesthetic medical providers.

The best example of aesthetic medicine is Botox, one of the best-approved medicines to treat facial creases or wrinkles. People use it as an age-defying injection; that is why it is also known as an anti-aging injection; these injections are very effective, but as we have earlier talk about the side effects of using these kinds of medicines. These Botox injections could go wrong if they are not injected at the exact spots properly; different areas where we cannot inject Botox are known as Botox Danger Zones; if we use Botox or other medicine like Juvederm in danger zones, it can cause different complications which might not good for users. In this writing, we will discuss the Danger Botox Zones and the complications which begin due to Botox injections.

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What are the Botox danger zones?

Whether you are getting the Botox injection the first time or the fourth or fifth time, you could go wrong with the injecting sites because people who are experts in using these injections also find many complications. If you want to avoid this kind of complication, please read the following tips carefully.

The Frontalis Muscles:

 Muscles that cover the front of your skull are known as frontalis muscles; these are the muscles responsible for raising your eyebrows and forming wrinkles on your forehead; your aesthetician or medical provider should not inject Botox into the frontalis muscles. Because if your medical provider does so, you will be at a high risk of the Mephisto effect or Spock Brows( it will cause your eyebrows to have an unnatural or awkward turn). If you want to avoid these complications, ensure your medical provider does not inject Botox into the frontalis muscles.

Instead of injecting in the frontalis muscles, your medical provider should inject Botox in the Corrugator Supercilli muscles; these are smaller muscles located around your eyebrows and help eyebrows in moving in different directions.

Orbicularis Muscle:

 It is located in the upper and lower eyelids, and its main function is to help you to close and open your eyes; it also helps in draining tears from your eyes. Your aesthetic service provider may go wrong while treating crow’s feet; if your medical service provider injects the Botox close to the orbital bone, it will weaken your upper eyelid muscles, making them droop. Such mistakes can cause Ptosis of eyelid droop; in this case, your upper eyelid will drop on your eyes and block your vision. If it drops a little bit, it will block a small amount of vision; if it is dropped, you will be unable to see because it covers all of your eyes.

If you already have eyelids issues, do not use Botox injection for the crow’s feet because it will complicate your visionary process.

Chin’s muscles:

: If your chin is wrinkling or dimpling, you may consider injecting Botox; it will smooth out your wrinkles and make you look younger than you are. However, keep in mind injecting Botox into chin muscles could be very risky; it can distort your natural smile, and it can also create an imbalance between the muscles of chin which may produce complications.

 Your lips:

 No studies prove that officials allow us to inject Botox in the lower part of our face because it can cause many complications in our muscles.

Instead of injecting in the chin muscles, injecting Botox in the Masseter muscles is preferable; this muscle enables your mastication to connect your lower jawbone with the cheekbone; if you have bruxism, you should inject in the Massester muscles.

 Mouth lip Area:

 Sometimes, the friendly prices of the injections compel people to get Botox for the smoker lines on the lips, which is a very bad decision. A Botox injection around the mouth may damage our arteries which supply blood to our lips. As a result, you feel pain and swelling in the lips area; it does not mean we are stopping you from getting a Botox injection to soften your lips. However, you should know that getting Botox on the lips can be risky. Because who will you blame if, after getting a Botox injection, you will not be able to whistle or drink from a straw?

So be careful while getting Botox on the lip; ask your medical service provider if he has any kind of guarantee that after getting this injection, you will not face complications.

Sum up

This article is about Botox danger Zones; in this writing, we have discussed the complications that a client could face after getting the injection in the wrong place; we have also suggested some areas where you can get Botox injections. Your suggestions and queries are always welcomed; for more interesting and beneficial information about different topics of health and beauty, please visit our official website.