Romantic Dinner

Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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Make it special

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with a romantic dinner. The key is to find a special spot with a gorgeous view and delicious food.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best ways to make your next sexy night at Oakwood PIK Jakarta a little more memorable for both of you. From romantic hotels in Surabaya to a special room-to-room dinner experience, there’s something for everyone.

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Take a walk

If you and your date have gone through a tough couple of months, a walking date can be the perfect way to break out of your dating slump. It also releases endorphins and makes you feel a little less stressed about your relationship.

If your city has a scenic park, take advantage of it during your date. This gives you a chance to talk with your date away from the noise of a restaurant, and it also allows you to really connect with one another.

A walk through a botanical garden is another romantic option. You can find one in most cities and they’re a great place to watch the sunset and enjoy some fresh air.

If you want to add a little culture to your walk, look for outdoor art installations. There are some really cool sculptures in many locations, and they can be a beautiful backdrop for your walk.

Enjoy a drink

Whether you’re hosting your own romantic dinner or enjoying it with someone special, the right drink can help make the evening more memorable. For example, a champagne cocktail may be the perfect way to end a meal or spark a conversation.

If you’re not a big drinker, a beer or a non-alcoholic beverage can also be a good choice. It will not only help you get in the mood but will also prevent you from overdoing it.

A cocktail might be a little more difficult to pull off, but you can do it in a pinch with some ice and a good shaker. The best ones will include a mix of vodka, lime juice, and sparkling wine in an ounce or two of each.

If you can’t be bothered to do the research, the Sex on the Beach is a great option as it is a fun and interesting cocktail that is sure to win your date’s heart (and mouth). This red-colored, fizzy concoction blends cranberry, orange, and lemon juice with vodka, a splash of peach schnapps, and garnished with paper umbrellas is an impressive feat of engineering.

Watch a movie

If you’re looking for a romantic dinner that also offers a chance to bond with your partner, try watching a movie. Whether you watch it at home or at a local theater, the key is to enjoy yourself and have fun.

When choosing the movie, steer clear of what you’d normally watch on a weekday. Instead, choose something special that your date may have mentioned they’ve always wanted to see.

The Princess Bride – This classic rom com is perfect for any couple who are looking to watch a lighthearted love story. It’s a fun film that will help to keep your spirits up during your movie night and will remind you that true love can happen anywhere.

Action movies – If you’re looking for a thrill, you might want to consider an action movie. However, these movies can be intense and could be a little too much for some couples.