Skateboard Configuration

Finally, the setup of a skateboard additionally affects how fast it can move. There are 3 contributing factors to your skateboard setup that affect speed.

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  • Wheel setup
  • board setup
  • Bearings setup

Wheel Setup

Did you recognize that wheel size has a massive impact on the common velocity of a skateboard? Large wheels can go quicker than smaller wheels. Why? Because a larger wheel can cowl extra floor in a single revolution. So, what are the correct wheel sizes for speed?

Here is a brief manual on wheel sizes.

50-53mm – This wheel length range is small, which could come up with a slow pace. Typically, this wheel-length variety is utilized in skateparks and bowls for trick use.

Fifty-four-fifty nine mm – This range is an appropriate wheel length for beginners. Typically, this wheel length variety is likewise utilized in bowls, skate parks, and vertical ramps.

60mm Plus – If you need speed, you need a 60mm+ wheel size. They are built for velocity and might pass easily on tough surfaces. Overall, wheel sizes of 60 mm and above are utilized by unique riders, downhill users, and longboards.

Although wheel size is a prime contributing aspect to speed, the durometer additionally influences the velocity of a skateboard. So, what’s a durometer? A durometer measures the stiffness of a skateboard wheel. And speaking of stiffness, you can easily say that the harder the wheels, the faster the skateboard can pass. That may be actual, but you furthermore might take into account the surface you roll on.

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A tough wheel isn’t always ideal for difficult surfaces like regular roads because it can not absorb surprise. This will give you a bumpy experience, which can affect your velocity. However, a tough wheel might be perfect on clean surfaces like bowls, ramps, and skate parks.

But how approximately softer wheels? One can quickly say that softer wheels are a piece slower because they can stick to the surface. Soft wheels are grippier however can soak up a surprise, making them best on imperfect surfaces. Therefore, softer wheels are beneficial for avenue skating and riding on different difficult surfaces.

Here’s a short manual to help you pick the proper wheel durometer for your skateboard.

78A – 87A – Perfect for cruising on hills and various hard surfaces. These wheels provide you with greater grip and can roll over bumps and cracks without difficulty. They also are best for longboards or road forums.

88A – 95A – Ideal for tough surfaces and avenue skating. They are chunk stiff with less grip, which makes them slightly quicker wheels.

96A – 99A – Ideal for novice skateboarders. Perfect for clean surfaces, road skating, ramps, skate parks, and swimming pools.

100A+ – The hardest and fastest wheels for expert skateboarding, even though not perfect for hard surfaces.

83B – 84B – Extremely tough wheels, not for difficult surfaces.

Board Setup

Longboards are extra handy for distance commuting due to the fact they can be effortlessly installed with larger and softer wheels than ordinary skateboards. When it involves asphalt roads, longboards are greater convenient to trip due to the fact they can without problems roll over cracks and small stones. They also are designed to be larger, making them greater stable even at excessive speeds.

The disadvantage, longboards aren’t as transportable and agile compared to ordinary skateboards. Therefore, it’s miles greater handy to apply a normal skateboard on busy city streets.

As a workaround, if you want to travel with pace on an everyday skateboard, you will want to set it up with larger, softer wheels. But how about slicing the wheel? To keep away from slicing the wheel, you could want to use risers.

Bearings Setup

All things being identical, bearings can substantially affect the average pace of your skateboard. Typically, your skateboard is, to begin with, established stock bearings, which are the product of metallic. If you are aiming for instant commuting, you must swap out your stock bearings for ceramic ones. Ceramic bearings can significantly grow your pace.

Here’s a short guide to selecting the proper bearing setup on your skateboard.

Steel Bearings

The industry fashionable for wheel bearings is the usage of metallic bearings. The first-class of steel utilized in one-of-a-kind manufacturers may range, but steel bearings are recognized for sturdiness and financial system. Of path, higher-grade steel bearings can be extra high-priced however greater durable and faster. Steel, as you understand, is at risk of oxidation or rusting, specifically whilst uncovered to moisture or acids.

Keeping metal bearings in tip-pinnacle shape requires normal upkeep. As plenty as feasible, avoid skating on puddles or whilst it is raining. It is exceedingly advocated to apply a few oil frequently for lubrication.