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Solar Photovoltaic Inverter Installation.

First of all, if you want to understand the connection method of solar power generation, you should first understand the  Top Ten Solar Companies in Pakistan  principle of solar power generation

The line connecting the photovoltaic module to the inverter is a DC cable, and the photovoltaic modules are connected in series. After the photovoltaic inverter is converted, it is converted from direct current to alternating current, so the inverter is connected to the national grid through an AC cable and connected to the grid. The network cabinet is connected to the national grid, and the AC cables are connected in parallel.

Photovoltaic Inverter Installation Pictures

The beginning is the preparation work before wiring. Before the electrical connection of the photovoltaic inverter, it is necessary to ensure that the DC switch of the inverter is in the “OFF” state and disconnect the AC side circuit breaker. Otherwise, the high voltage of the inverter may cause the life danger of the operator.

Then each inverter has to be installed independently – an AC circuit breaker. Do not share multiple inverters. It is forbidden to connect loads between the inverter and the circuit breaker. It is forbidden to use single-core wires at the output end of the inverter.

It should be noted that it is also necessary to connect the protective ground wire PE, one point must be connected to the protective ground wire PE, and the inverter is connected to the grounding bar through the protective ground wire PE to achieve the purpose of grounding protection.

It should also be noted that if the wire is relatively thick and heavy, it is necessary to ensure that the output wire is well connected before turning on the inverter.

Solar PV Inverter Wiring Diagram

Inverter outlets, generally not directly into your home meter, need to pass the access opinion of the power supply bureau, and then pretend to be a protection device, and a two-way meter, connect to the anti-reverse device and then connect to it privately (feasible in terms of illegal technology) , When you are sure that the power consumption is much greater than the power generation, you can technically connect it directly, but if the power matching is not good, the remaining power will cause the meter to speed up.

How to Match the Photovoltaic Power Inverter

The 50KW photovoltaic inverter has three output voltages, namely three-phase 380V, three-phase 480V and three-phase 540V, and the corresponding copper wires are: 25mm2, 25 or 16mm2 and 16mm2.

If it is input, use a dedicated 1000V line. If it is a string type, then the input line is American standard 12AWG, national standard 4mm2 copper wire. If it is centralized, it depends on how many channels you input.

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Solar Power Inverter

The principle of solar photovoltaic power generation is a technology that directly converts light energy into electrical energy by using the photovoltaic effect at the semiconductor interface.

The whole process is called a photovoltaic power generation system. The photovoltaic power generation system is composed Solar companies in Pakistan of solar cell arrays, battery packs, charge and discharge controllers, photovoltaic inverters, AC power distribution cabinets, sun tracking control systems and other equipment.

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