The swimming season is here and you just simply cannot wait to open up your pool and have a swim with your family. Who wouldn’t? The pool is made for such seasons. A lot of times when you open the pool it turns out clear and ready for swimming in a couple of hours; but other times it turns out into a greenish, yucky color called the green pool or Entrümpelung Bad Kreuznach swamp.

There are a number of factors may have resulted your pool to be in it’s greenish condition. It may be the following:

  • a strong winter storm
  • animals might have bitten your pool cover thus creating holes in it
  • your pool cover might have holes in it to begin with
  • algae growth and formation

You need:


  • Diatemnaceous Earth
  • Chlorine Tablets
  • Chlorine Liquid Shock or Chlorine Shock Packets (a pound per pack)
  • PH Plus or a PH minus
  • Alkalinity Plus
  • Algaecide

Tools and Equipment

  • water test strips
  • pool vacuum
  • skimmer net
  • pool brush
  • leaf net
  • Chlorine floaters


  1. Clear out all debris present in the pool. Debris can be leaves, twigs, grass or even worse — animal and pests’ remains. If ever you find animal remains on your pool, opt to to drain all the water out, acid wash your pool, refill with water, balance the chemicals and let the filter run for a full day.

If you do only find leaves and other mild debris on your pool then proceed with collecting them with your skimmer and leaf net. Use your leaf net for leaves that are on the pool floor. Be sure that your leaf net handle is long enough for the depth of the pool, otherwise you will not be able to reach deep within the pool surface. Use the skimmer net ONLY for floating debris on your pool.

  1. It’s now time to backwash your pool. Switch your filter into the backwash mode by turning your multi-port valve on the opposite direction. Next, open up your filter by also turning your external backwash valve into the opposite direction. This is done to ensure that all the debris and scum on your pool water will be removed. Do this for about 30 minutes.
  2. Turn off your filter for a minute and switch it back to it’s regular filter mode. Power it up for a couple of minutes to let the water circulate. Next, turn it off again and switch it back to the backwash mode for about 1 hour. This will thoroughly clean your pool.
  3. Put your filter into it’s regular filter mode and leave it on for the next 24 hours.
  4. Get your diatemnaceous earth and put a full 6 cups’ measure of it into the nearest skimmer of your pool.
  5. Put chlorine tablets on your chlorinator and chlorine floaters. Put about 3 tablets in your chlorinator, stacked on top of each other and a piece inside your chlorine floater. Chlorine helps to clear up your water fast.
  6. Brush and vacuum your pool floor, walls and surfaces.
  7. Test your water the next day. Pay attention to the results of your water test strips. These results will tell you on how to properly adjust your pool’s pH and alkalinity levels.
  8. Lastly, put in algaecide in your pool water to kill algae.

Do not be afraid of green pool. It is not totally hopeless. Get a move on and prepare for the swimming season. With these tips you will have your pool water clean and clear in 3 days tops!