The Unbearable Bear Thief


“The Unbearable Bear Thief” is a story written by Barbara Reindorp, with illustrations by David Gaunt. It is a children’s book about a wicked man who steals children’s bears. Although it is Barbara’s first children’s book, it is not just for kids. The book is inspired by her husband’s passion for bears, and there are elements of their life together in the story.

The Plot

The story is about a man named Boris, who steals bears from children. The children are devastated when their beloved stuffed animals go missing, and they can’t sleep without them. Boris is a nasty character, and he doesn’t care about the children’s feelings. However, Wally Whinge, the hero of the story, is determined to catch the thief and return the bears to their rightful owners. Wally is a brave and clever character, and he comes up with a plan to catch Boris.


Barbara Reindorp’s husband has a passion for bears, and that is what inspired her to write this story. She created the main character, Wally Whinge, based on her husband’s imagination. Although the story has elements of their life together, the plot is mostly from Barbara’s imagination. “The Unbearable Bear Thief” is not only a great read for children, but it is also a tribute to her husband’s love for bears.


“The Unbearable Bear Thief” is a great book for children and adults. It is a story about bravery and determination, and it teaches children to stand up for what is right. The book is available on https://missingbears.co.uk/ where you can get more information about the author, the illustrator, and the story behind the book. The book is a must-read, and it will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.