There are several benefits to using the landscape photo size

Many photographers use the 3:2 aspect ratio to create more visual interest in their images. By using a camera with the 3:2 format you will have a larger image and your photos will have a greater depth of field and less distortion. This format is known as landscape photo size.

For example, if you use a 35mm camera with the landscape photo size, the lens will cover approximately 60% of the picture. To put this in perspective, the average picture landscape pictures for sale size that most photographers use is 1/125th. Using landscape photo size, your picture will be approximately 50% larger, which means that it will cover around 50% of the picture.

There are several benefits to using the landscape photo size. One is that you can fit more into the same picture. Another is that you will get more depth in the image. When you take a picture using the 1/125th picture size, the subject that you shoot will appear about as tall as the camera lens.

This creates the illusion that the subject is floating on the background. But when you use landscape photo size, the subject will appear closer to your eye, which makes it look like it is in front of the background. The landscape photo size will make your subject seem taller, giving it a stronger presence in the image.