Valentine’s Day celebration in Europe

It is said diversity is beautiful. Because it teaches you so many different cultural values. As much diversity you will see, you will see different foods, traditions, festivals, language, dressing sense and many more. Today we are going to talk about a festival, a festival of love. Yes, we are talking about Valentine’s Day celebrations. I know, so many of you will say this is not a festival. But let me tell you it is a festival. Because it makes people close. You exchange gifts, emotion and love, and that’s what any festival teaches us. But today we are going to see how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Europe. As you all know, Europe has so many beautiful and romantic places and countries you will get in Europe. So let’s see Europeans celebrate Valentine’s Day. What are the special things they do? What are their Valentine’s Day rituals? Today I will tell you about their countries. I mean in which part or country of Europe celebrates Valentine’s Day in which way. So if you are planning to go on a romantic vacation for this Valentine’s Day with your valentine. You can go to any of these places. 


The first place in my list has to my favorite country or my place and that is Switzerland. People says most romantic place in the world is Paris but for Zurich is the most romantic place. In Switzerland people also gives beautiful Swiss gift. Along with the gifts you can order online cake delivery, because Valentine’s Day cake is important.  Couples go for hiking trails, biking, romantic walks, sightseeing, and many more. Yes, how we can forget romantic Swiss coffee date. 


Now, the next country in my list is my second most favorite country because of Paris and that is France. You may not know, then let me tell you it is believed that first Valentine’s Day card originated from here. If you are planning to go France then don’t only go for Eiffel tower. Let me te you about few hidden and definitely romantic gems of France. You must visit “Village of Love” the quite village we call the village of love. If you are going here you must visit The Lovers’ Garden. It is said that this garden is the definitely most romantic place in the whole village. You can order here some pizza, French wine and order gifts online, and you are sorted with a romantic Valentine’s Day date. What you want more on Valentine’s Day,  than a romantic company at a romantic place, good food and gifts, that’s it. 


The next stop will be Italy, it is one of the most romantic places in Europe. Let me you Italy is not only famous for pizza, but also for Valentine’s Day celebration. In Italy you will see it doesn’t matter what’s their age. They love to celebrate love. A town Camogli nearer to the Genova is one of the most visited place on Valentine’s Day. They not only come on Valentine’s Day but they celebrate whole week. During Valentine’s Day if you are in Italy. You can’t miss Julia sculpture, it is said if you are both are touching it. It will bless you both with the everlasting love and you both live together always. So if you are going don’t miss it and if you are not together this Valentine’s Day because of any reason. Don’t forget to send cakes to Bangalore or wherever your love lives.  


In England if you will see a very unique ritual. Some women of England use to put five bay leaves on their pillow, and they use to dream about their future husband. Lovers use to present romantic red rose to each other. Children’s use to exchange Valentine’s Day card with each in the school.

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I am sure so many of you have a dream to go for vacation with your love if life to Bulgaria. Because Bulgaria is definitely one of most beautiful places in the world. In Bulgaria Valentine’s Day, means 14th February is celebrated for wine maker. On this day, young and old couples celebrate Valentine’s Day in a unique way. They use to have a cup of local wine. They go for visit different places and spend quality time with each other. 

Now, you have a lot of options so decide this Valentine’s Day where you will go. Instead of giving any expensive or special materialistic gift. You can gift a romantic vacation on these places and celebrate Valentine’s Day in their way. You both will never forget this Valentine’s Day in your whole life.