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What is the process of school admission in Singapore for foreigners?

Singapore is renowned for its world-class education and several outstanding private and public schools. Getting Singapore secondary school admission for your children can be challenging. Parents should know that there is a complex admission process. So if you are planning to shift to this country, here are some of the admission procedures you should know about: 

  1. Admission age – The age of admission in primary and secondary schools in Singapore varies. For instance, the cambridge international school singapore grants admission to the primary class or P1 if the child is between six to six+ on January 1. If the child is seven or seven+ on January 1, they need to seek admission through the AEIS exam.
  2. Admission time – Parents need to keep up with the time of admission in Singapore schools. Planning to send your child to a public school in Singapore means being aware of the critical dates. The Ministry of Education in Singapore conducts an annual admission procedure for all international students during September and October. Filling out the admission form and completing the formalities for the school starts during that month. Remember, admission to public schools in Singapore takes place based on the number of vacancies. So you can send your children to private schools in Singapore, which offer various facilities. 
  3. Getting a student pass – All international parents planning to send their children to study in Singapore should know about the student pass. A student pass is a legal and official document that indicates a student with a foreign nationality is allowed to study in Singapore. The pass also shows the course and institution the student has enrolled in. 
  4. The AEIS examination – Your child can get admission into a primary or secondary school in Singapore by appearing for the AEIS (Admissions Exercise for International Students) exam. The exam tests the student’s grasp of mathematics and English, and admission is granted based on their performance. Thus, your child can pursue their education in a public school in Singapore if they score well on the AEIS exam. Though the exam syllabus looks pretty straightforward, there is stiff competition amongst the applicants, and you must ensure your child gives their best to ensure positive results. 

Things Parents Should Know 

  • Parents must note that the AEIS examination does not guarantee admission to Singapore schools. While the child’s performance counts, students are also granted admission based on school vacancies. 
  • A student pursuing a course that lasts only for 30 days does not need a student pass, but it is mandatory in all other cases. 
  • Getting admission to the best public or private schools in Singapore is relatively easy if you know the admission process. Thus, it is vital that parents look into each school’s admission details before selecting one. Remember, while some factors, like appearing for an AEIS exam, are common for all schools in Singapore, some might also have specific requirements. 
  • Parents should know the timeline for the admission forms to avoid missing out on important dates. So keep an eye on the official websites of each school to ensure you do not miss important information. 
  • Parents must follow the website of the Ministry of Education to keep themselves updated. 

Remember shifting to a new country can be challenging and the best way to excel is by knowing its rules by heart. The same goes for your child’s education.