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The zinc alloy that has 5% copper added to it is called Zinc alloy 5 or ZAMAK 5. This is very important to the metalworking industries, which manufacture parts out of this alloy. If you buy a die cast product, it will probably be made out of this alloy. Most dies are made out of this alloy.

This alloy has been used for centuries for making objects. When you want to make a good quality, durable object, the best way to do this is to use zinc alloy 5. This metal can be used for many different objects such as a car body, truck body, boats, etc. It is an important and widely used metal.

The metalworking industries are very fond of this alloy zamak die casting because it is very strong, light and easy to work with. In many cases, it is also the cheapest alloy. Many other metals are much more expensive than this one. In the past, some people would have to use lead in order to make parts, but lead was bad for you.

It is poisonous. Lead can cause brain damage and mental retardation. It can also make you sick. Since lead is poisonous and hard to work with, people have turned to using zinc to make their products. It doesn’t take much to make this metal into objects that are hard and durable.