Why education in mobile apps are the best?

Education is one of the essential things in our daily lives. It is very hard to survive in the modern world without education. During the pandemic, getting an education became an uphill task, online education, which was just seen as an option before became an alternative during the pandemic. Many websites and mobile apps have emerged that guarantee quality online education with credible knowledge and entertainment. These innovations led to the birth of a new industry called the edtech industry. Edtech is an acronym for the educational technology industry. It is an industry where education is propagated with the help of technology. In the market today various mobile education applications help in providing quality education with entertainment, engagement, and constant interaction. This article will preach to you why mobile applications are a great way to indulge yourself in your studies.

Benefits of mobile educational applications:

i) Anytime education:

Just like how the idea of gravity was invented when Newton was under a tree and the Archimedes got the idea of buoyancy when he was in the bathtub, you can study anytime and anywhere as the phone is mobile in nature it can be taken from one place to another place. If you are bored while traveling you can tune into these apps and sharpen your brain. Similarly, you can also browse these apps when you are simply lying down on your bed. Rather than a necessity, these mobile applications make the whole of education look like leisure.

ii) Engaging content:

The online form of education is much more engaging and interactive than physical classes. Here, in online educational mobile apps, you can have mascots of your favourite character. That will help your psyche to understand things much better than the normal classes. Colours, logos, and personalities do manipulate the human psyche. This is a common human behaviour, that when things are told by your favourite person you tend to understand them better. If the homework and assignments are given by the AI-generated mascots, which are your favourite characters then you are more likely to do the work.

iii) Cost-effective:

E-learning apps online are free and even the cost of some of the apps is very cheaper. The physical classes not only cost you the course fees. When you are attending classes, you need to pay for your transport, food, and hostel fees, if you wish to stay outside then the house rent. It gets very complex and costly to attend offline classes and as a student, you have to look after so many things. In online classes, all you need to worry about is your studying and academics.


E learning mobile application has their pros and cons. We should be wise enough to choose the online program. We shouldn’t judge the whole e-learning ecosystem by one or two programs as this world is big and diverse and each e-learning app varies in its functioning and we need to explore the whole system.