Wizard of OZ Coloring Pages

Wizard of OZ Coloring Pages

Wizard of OZ Coloring Pages. Some stories manage to be loved around the world. Oz magician is an example because it is a story known and loved worldwide and has been adapted in countless forms of the average. It started as a book by L. Frank Baum in 1900 and was adapted into a famous film in 1939. This collection of OZ Children’s coloring pages tries to grasp the magic of this timeless classic! This fascinating page collection presents some of this story’s most famous characters and moments for you. You can also share them with your friends and family to have fun! Every page of the collection can print, colored, and have fun for free, and we hope you would be happy to work on your colored magic!

It is a wonderfully colorful and lively story, so they have many opportunities for great colors. As soon as you have colored your favorite pictures of the collection, we hope you share some of your finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest sites. If you are looking for coloring pages, then you are at the right place because we share many types of adult coloring pages like Christmas coloring pages, Halloween coloring pages, dog coloring pages, cat coloring pages, dragon coloring pages, horse coloring pages, and snake coloring pages.

New OZ coloring pages


We start this collection of free OZ coloring pages for kids by coloring the main character! The girl Dorothy is the figure we follow in this story and is added to this picture with her beloved dog. You could dye them to look at them as Judy Garland plays them in the film, but they could also create a unique look for them. The background remains empty, and you can show how your favorite Oz moment draws a background for this page.


The tin is the next for those who can dye this funny side! This character is one of the companions whom Dorothy follows in his research and promises a heart by the magician of OZ. It is usually shown as completely gray, but even if you adhere to this color, you will receive a large selection of colors with lighter selection options for the background.


In general, you expect the lions to be brave, but this is the irony of the cowardly character. It is also the next one who dyes it, and it is his name with a nervous expression on his face. You could use some delicious warm colors to color it and later add this picture with some background details to end the scene. How do you dye this Leone character?


We have a nice representation of Dorothy coloring in this fourth magician from OZ coloring pages! She is dressed in a fascinating style but still manages to hold her character well. Some lighter and more lively colors would be perfect for this, but what colors have come to the workers? You could draw other characters in the same style with which she can stay!


Wizard of OZ Coloring Pages

There is another classic coloring character with the scarecrow! This figure also joins Dorothy and is looking for the magician’s brain. You could color it with beautiful yellow and brown if you want to match your colors with the film. Will you go with the colors with which it appears in the film, or use some unique colors to create your unique variation?


The Zinnmann has returned to this photo! He is also attracted to a fascinating comic style, similar to Dorothy appeared in his last appearance. For this reason, this photo would be a large part of the company in this photo. He also holds his trustworthy ax, and they could use a bright color like red for the ax to counteract the gray tones of his body. Also, draw a background for this or use solid colors.


Dorothy looks very calm and relaxed in this printed OZ magician! This picture exudes a deliciously relaxed atmosphere, and you could help to represent this feeling with the colors you use. Some milder colors would be beautiful for this. We would also use art remedies such as watercolor paints or colored pens to emphasize the softer look further. It is our suggestion, but will it take, or will you look for a different approach to color and intensity?


This next page presents a sweet scene between Dorothy and the lion. It seems very sad, and she seems to comfort him. Learn a precious lesson about the courage of fear in history, but you must also cross difficult moments. In your opinion, what colors would adapt to the sadness shown in this area? We would use some light colors and means again to adapt to the mood, but there are other approaches to adapt!


The gang is united in this fascinating photo! We have all put together the lion, the scarecrow, Dorothy, and the Zinnmann in the same style. They all look at something, and you may see the kingdom oz for the first time! There are also some fun details that you can draw for the background. One idea would be to pull behind the famous yellow brick road, but what can you think of for a background?


We can close this collection of OZ coloring pages from OZ by dying a further representation of the tin man. In this picture, it seems to be very happy, so this may be immediately after the goal of getting a heart! It is thematic to include a heart scheme for the background, which would also be excellent for some bright colors.

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